It Works! Confianza™


Anti-Stress Formula with Natural Adaptogens†
60 Tablets

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Feel calmer, live better, and stress less.†
It’s easy to keep calm and carry on with Confianza™—a mood-optimizing formula that supports your physical, mental, and emotional health by keeping stress levels in check.† Using a unique blend of adaptogenic ingredients, Confianza helps you stay focused, level-headed, and balanced, so you’re better prepared to avoid negative effects from stress, like occasional overindulgence, poor digestion, and mental and physical depletion.† So, take a chill pill—and see how much more you accomplish.

Uses Eleuthero Root Extract and Golden Root Extract to invigorate your body while increasing its resistance to stress†
Stimulates your energy, endurance, and physical performance with Schisandra Fruit Extract †
Pushes the limits of occasional fatigue by sustaining mental, physical, and emotional energy longer†
Improves and sustains mental focus and concentration†
Helps restore balance to your mind, body, and mood†
Non-GMO, Keto friendly, No artificial colors or flavors, Soy free, Vegan