It Works! Super Reds on the Go – 90 Servings


Vitamins – Antioxidants – Polyphenols
30 (6.0g) Single Serving Packets

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A fruit-infused supplement to help you look and feel younger.
Roll out the red carpet for this blend of more than 30 naturally sourced fruits, berries, and superfoods from around the world. Vibrant antioxidants and vitamin-infused ingredients build your body’s resilience to stress† while giving you all the Vitamin A, C, and B-complex you need for an entire day—in just one serving. Put your best fruit forward when you sip this nutritional powerhouse of reds, blues, and violets. Learn how to use this in your daily nutrition routine!

Features and Benefits

Includes richly pigmented, health-boosting polyphenol antioxidants
Helps protect against oxidative and metabolic stress to preserve a youthful appearance†
Supports your skin, brain, and body to maintain healthy, balanced defense against damaging free radicals†
Offers exotic ingredients from around the world, like Goji berry from China, Acai berry from Brazilian rainforests, and Maqui berry from Patagonia, Chile
Comes in a sweet, delicious Wild Cherry flavor with 0g added sugars
Non-GMO, Keto-friendly, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Soy-free, Vegan
Suggested Use

For a super boost, mix one packet (6.0 g) or one level scoop (6.0 g) of It Works! Super Reds with 8 oz. of water or juice. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.